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This page contains content related to the Hardware Hacking Village at BSidesDFW 9. This includes the agenda with links to the presentations, as well as contest and badge information.

HHV Agenda and Schedule


  • Contest: Soldering Challenge (click this link for details)
    • Over $300 in prizes available to the fastest three recorded times!
  • Talks on Hardware Hacking Topics (see schedule for detail)
    • Get an introduction to hardware hacking or learn how to make your own #badgelife
  • Live Demo of the LAN Tap Badge in action (see schedule for detail)
    • See how you can use your LAN Tap badge to view network traffic
  • Soldering Stations
    • Solder together your LAN Tap Badge here. Assistance is available.


  • 13:30 - TALK 45min "Making #badgelife: The BSidesDFW Badge" by @alt_bier
    • A walk through of PCB design and an overview of the BSidesDFW Badge design using KiCad.
  • 14:30 - LIVE DEMO 40min "TAP all the Things" by @alt_bier
    • How to use a LAN TAP (BSidesDFW badge) on a connection w/ wireshark for packet analysis.
  • 15:30 - TALK 45min "Hardware Hacking 101" by init6
    • An introduction to hardware hacking.
  • 16:30 - CONTEST CLOSES: Soldering Challenge
    • Contestants must start thier attempt at this individual timed challenge before this closing time.
    • Winners will be announced at the BSidesDFW Closing Ceremonies where prizes will be awarded.

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