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I have created a few electronic badge PCBs for #Badgelife and have listed the documentation locations for each here.

Badge Description Documentation
Future Badge My Defcon 31 #Badgelife Back to the Future badge Future Badge
Hom3c0ming Badge My Defcon 30 #Badgelife Corsage and Boutonniere Kit Hom3c0ming Badge
Astable Badge BSidesDFW 2021 Cyber Dolphin DIY Badge kit astable badge
3d6 An RPG Design for 3000 Society and Defcon 2021 3d6 Badge
84 My 2020 #Badgelife Creation 84 Badge
Akira BSidesDFW 2019 Badge Akira Badge
Godzilla vs. Blade Runner 3000 Society and Defcon Badge Godzilla vs. Blade Runner
LAN Tap BSidesDFW 2018 Badge LAN Tap Badge
Beer Bottle My First Defcon Indie Badge DFW Hacker Badge

I occasionally sell my badges and other designs on my ebay store page.


Here is a list of the online training materials I have created over the years.


For several years I have run the Hardware Hacking Village and have created presentations and other materials for the BSidesDFW conferences.

You can find all of my BSidesDFW documentation here.