BSidesDFW 2020 HHV KIT

These are the details of the electronics kit and the n00b tool kit that have been put together for participants of the BSidesDFW 2020 Hardware Hacking Village.

There were a total of 80 electronics kits and 30 n00b tool kits built to be distributed free to HHV participants.

Here is a video HHV Kit overview showing the contents of both kits.

HHV Kit Reservation and Distribution

The kits will be FREE and provided on a first come first served basis until they are all distributed.

  • The online sign-ups are now closed.
  • Kit distribution is complete.

Electronics Kit Contents

These items are individually wrapped or otherwise loose in the box:

Large Component Static Bag Contains:

Small Component Static Bag #1 Contains:

Small Component Static Bag #2 Contains:

Reference Material for Electronics Kit Components

Here are a few reference images related to the HHV that could be useful.

N00b Tool Kit Contents

A Soldering Iron Kit box which includes:

  • Adjustable Temp Soldering Iron (110 V, 60 W) with extra tips
  • Mini Stand with Sponge
  • Mini Wire Stripper Tool
  • Curved Tweezers
  • DE-soldering Pump

A separate box containing the following: